We offer 18 spacious, double room apartments (48m²), and 60 comfortable double rooms (24m²) for our guests.
The excellent location of the building allows our guests to have stunning views of the Parsęta river and the city skyline from most of the rooms. The high standard of the rooms and colouring kept in bright, soft colors is conducive to tranquility and relaxation. Modern and warm interior design in each room makes for a „home away from home.”

Rooms are equipped with a bathroom, TV, refrigerator, and telephone.
The apartments consist of a living room with a bathroom, and a bedroom with a queen size bed.
Each apartment has a kitchenette, TV, telephone and balcony.
The entire building has wireless internet access.

Apartamenty Kołobrzeg Pokoje Kołobrzeg pokoje_3

Pokoje Kołobrzeg pokoje_3